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Posted 12 months ago

You will be responsible for maintaining critical internal and public Squirrels server infrastructure with minimal downtime. From internally hosted servers used by employees for email, file storage, development and VPN to load-balanced external servers hosted in the cloud on Amazon Web Services, you will maintain, upgrade and tune these critical business resources.

# Responsibilities
Manage access to internal and external servers running Mac, Linux and Windows
Ensure 24/7 uptime to critical customer SaaS services serving hundreds of thousands of customers daily
Maintain AWS-hosted infrastructure and effectively scale it as demand dictates
Ensure the highest levels of security and uptime with proactive maintenance and upgrades
Maintain self-hosted file sharing, mail and calendar services

# Requirements
Strong knowledge of and practical experience with DNS, NGINX, MySQL, MongoDB, Ubuntu, and Docker
Deep familiarity with AWS products including EC2, ECS, RDS, ELB Load Balancer, Route 53, Lambda, CloudWatch, and CloudFront
A proactive and self-motivated work ethic to ensure the highest levels of security and uptime possible


- 🌏 Worldwide