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Posted 20 days ago

Typeform works on the future of online forms. The most important interaction on the web is the exchange of information between a brand and its audience. And that exchange usually happens through online forms. We believe that even a utility like online forms should be remarkable. Our customers say they get more answers from their audience and even the occasional compliment. Make every interaction count.\n\nTypeform is a team of nearly 200 people representing over 30 countries. We have offices in Barcelona, Spain and in San Francisco, United States.\n\nAre you focused on automation so you can focus on evolving the product infrastructure and making things better? Do you like to keep things running smoothly, and are able to keep a cool head? Are you passionate about building and operating the best possible infrastructure? If that sounds like you, then we should talk.\n\nWe’re looking for a talented, passionate, and pragmatic Senior Systems Engineer to join our team of 44 different nationalities in Barcelona. You’ll work closely with our engineering teams to create unbeatable human experiences.\n\nWe put fun at the heart of everything we do—and set ambitious goals to push things forward. Come help us shape the future of online data collection.\n\nThe Role\n\nAre you someone that likes to keep everything running? Are you focused on automation so you can keep making things better, rather than fire fighting all the time? Are you organized, proactive, and able to keep a cool head? Are you passionate about building and maintaining the best infrastructure possible? Are you always “on” and ready to solve the next problem? Are you a good human being? If that sounds like you, then we should talk. \n\nKey responsibilities:\n\n\n* Help design and run our cloud infrastructure in Amazon Web Services\n* Run applications  (PHP, Go, NodeJS, etc) on an Orchestration platform using tools like Kubernetes, Terraform and Docker\n* Ensure that all pieces are under appropriate monitoring and logging\n* Maintain and automate test environments for devs and QA\n* Ensure service availability and be part of an on-call rotation\n* Keep our infrastructure clean, our servers cool, and our beloved Typeform alive\n* Create tools to give developers more autonomy over the platform in which their services run, so they can own the deployment lifecycle, monitoring, etc\n\n \n\n#Salary\n - \nyagJzhkdapAsCMnUw7CpJAMi\n\n#Location\n- Barcelona