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Posted about 2 months ago

We're looking for an experienced devops engineer to help manage our cloud service for local governments. The application
is a primarily Microsoft-based stack - ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows, with a sprinkling of Linux.

This is a remote position. US only.

We're looking for people with:
* Experience with automated deployment in the Azure environment
* Knowledge of Azure load balancing, vnets, VM management, Azure storage, etc.
* Knowledge of application deployment for Microsoft .NET applications
* Knowledge of application and infrastructure security

Bonus points for:
* Experience with performance analysis of .NET and SQL Server-based applications
* Experience with Ansible
Some projects you'll tackle if you join:
* Improve our deployment automation
* Migrate our infrastructure to Azure GovCloud
* Improve our application monitoring and alerting
* Refine our disaster recovery processes
* Help optimize our cloud spend
* Help identify performance issues and bottlenecks in the production environment and work with
  engineers to make improvements.