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Posted over 1 year ago

Overview GitHub helps companies and organizations succeed by allowing them to build better software, together. We’re looking for a DevOps Engineering Manager for our Professional Services team to hire, develop and manage a high-performing team of engineers. The ideal candidate will have both the aptitude and passion to become a master of GitHub’s product capabilities, underlying technologies, and how to create valued experiences for our customers as they build on the GitHub platform. We need a leader skilled at developing and managing a team of high performing engineering consultants. This person will lead a global team, work closely with our customers, and report to the Manager of Delivery in Professional Services. Responsibilities Developing a team: Develop and coach a high-performing team by hiring diverse talent and prioritizing development and coaching. You will help the team establish standards of excellence in their patterns of collaboration and building of solutions for our customers. You will be responsible for building an efficient team as you guide the team in understanding the tradeoffs between the possible decisions they face. Provide technical clarity to your team: You will need to provide clarity to your team members about technologies and technical decisions. You will know GitHub’s tools and platform well enough to weigh technical options and help your team members make informed decisions. You will establish criteria for quality and reusability on the team. You will work closely with colleagues in the Professional Services business to determine the feasibility of engagements and technical initiatives. You will need to provide clarity on these topics to the team, as well as to customers that you work with. Consistently seek solutions: In this role you will be responsible for helping the Professional Services team create new offerings and providing thought leadership in technology solutions. We need you to feel comfortable taking calculated risks that adapt our solutions to customer’s unique workflows and help grow our team’s abilities. Understand the Professional Services business: To thrive in this role you will need to understand how the Professional Services offerings can provide valuable solutions for each customer. We need a team member who feels comfortable delving into the details of a Statement of Work or meeting with technical leaders at some of the world’s largest companies. Knowing the pulse of your team: To thrive in this role you will need to know the pulse of the team, what they are working on, how much time it is taking, and the value that is being provided to the customer. You will be responsible for keeping the role sustainable for your engineers while producing the best possible results for customers. You will help team members get greater insight into their abilities and performance by measuring their results. Requirements You are adept at making trade-offs, cutting scope, and bringing an amazing, focused experience to your customers You love helping others improve and you enjoy coaching and mentoring engineers You have experience in a Professional Services or consulting role You are proud of something you have built on a team you led You possess strong verbal and written communication Ability to recruit technical teams