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Posted over 1 year ago

If you are quick like a ninja and nimble as a cat, come join NinjaCat!  We are looking for a DevOps / IT Engineer to join an amazing team of creative people passionate about technology.  NinjaCat already has a stable, redundant, and robust platform, but we are constantly evolving and taking advantage of new technologies to continue our innovation. We are a cloud-first organization with a fully remote workforce. All administration is remote.

We need someone who will:

* Continue to build on their existing skill set to stay current on upcoming technologies.

* Work through business and technology problems with a tight-knit team. We collaborate on ideas starting from a random thought to a full-blown feature.

* Enjoy the flexibility of working from home and at startup speed. This is not a 9-5 job. Note, we are only accepting candidates in North America.

The role:

* Manage AWS infrastructure including EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, ECS, EFS, and S3.

* Work with the product team to scope and implement infrastructure needs of the platform (product delivery, development operations, logging, security, etc.)

* Automate and streamline processes where possible (Ansible, bash, Terraform, CloudFormation)

* Administer operating system and application needs across the fleet.

* Provide IT support/helpdesk for the team.

* Work with vendors to maintain strategic accounts and order equipment.


Amazon Web Services, Linux Administration (Ubuntu), Containers/Docker, VOIP, Web Hosting (Apache/NGINX), Database Administration (MySQL/MongoDB/Redis), Continuous Integration (TeamCity), Mobile Device Management (MDM)