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Posted 10 months ago

Make An Impact

As a Digital Advertising Expert at MKG Marketing.

What is Success?

As digital marketers nothing is more infuriating than getting to the end of an “Awareness” campaign for a client to ask us how much money we made them. Right?

Impact The Bottom Line

At MKG, our Digital Advertising strategy begins with a measurement plan that maps directly back to a client's business outcomes.

Return on Investment. Sales Pipeline Created. 

We create a clear path of success for our team members and the client.

Job Purpose

Key Digital Ad/PPC Accounts: This person will support one to three clients with the guidance of an Account Director. You will be responsible for Digital Advertising Strategy, Campaign Build Outs and Optimization for these clients.

Support the Digital Advertising Team: You’ll also work with another Digital Advertising Expert. While you own the work for you clients, we believe that no man is an island and everyone should support each other in making Paid campaigns more effective.

Key Skills Required

Paid Media Strategy: The person in this role who will succeed is a strategist in addition to being able to execute. You'll start with client's goal and work backwards to clearly communicate how to achieve them.

Paid Search and Display: We are looking for marketers who are proficient on Google Ads and Bing Ads. This includes the use of advanced scripts and automation practices to make campaigns more efficient and effective.

Paid Social: Our Paid Search and Display often pair up with Paid Social campaigns. We're looking for someone with 5-8 years of experience with Facebook Ads Manager, LinkedIn Advertising, and Twitter Ads.

Clear Communication: As a distributed company, it’s imperative that you are able to clearly communicate across multiple channels. Email, Zoom Video Conference and Slack are the key communication tools in our stack.

Want to Learn More?

Check out the detailed job posting on our website:

This post includes information about:
  • What it's like to work at MKG
  • How we function as a remote team
  • Our 100% retention rate for full time team members over the lifetime of our company
  • Benefits such as the $8,000 new hire finders fee as well as business development bonuses for introducing us to new business opportunities
  • The flexibility we offer to our team members (huge bonus for all of us!)