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Posted over 1 year ago

We want to grow our marketing team by adding an experienced Digital Content Manager with skills in both content strategy and storytelling. (We wanted to grow our marketing team by supplying Kalteen bars, but that only upset people, so now we’re trying this.) You are a masterful writer who loves to write and is inspired by a good deadline! This is a fast-paced, high-production job and you must have previous experience in that kind of environment. You're comfortable with direct feedback and can make rapid changes when needed. Your style is conversational and compelling. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we like our audience to have fun with the content that we create. You despise spammy, “content farm” style writing. You create engaging, smart writing that will stand out from the endless stream of mediocre blog posts and sales emails. You have a results-oriented mindset. You're guided by data and you're interested in writing that produces measurable results. You enjoy circling back through what you've created to gauge its effectiveness, and you geek out on making changes or performing tests to optimize those results. You can view your work objectively to recognize what is and isn't working, then course correct as needed. You know our audience intimately - in fact, you love reading the same type of content they do. You get excited about topics like social media management, online marketing (especially for small businesses), and business productivity. You know how to turn a piece about a Facebook algorithm change into something that's actually entertaining and compelling to read, without sacrificing usefulness for style. You love a great tech tool and you're always on the hunt for what's new and interesting in our industry.