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Posted almost 2 years ago

**THIS IS A COMMISSION ONLY POSITION - WE DO NOT OFFER A BASE SALARY**Mega (No, not the one owned by Kim Dot Com! Haha!) is a fully remote digital marketing, web and mobile app development company that has seen phenomenal growth since our inception in early 2017. Using our experience in some of the most competitive digital markets, we offer clients a unique approach with complete transparency, state of the art project management tools and above all quality products and results. Our clients range in size from entrepreneurs and start-ups (We love start-ups!) to medium and large sized companies both in the U.S. and internationally!  We cater to various clients across multiple b2b and b2c industries. Our business is divided into two distinct disciplines: Web/Mobile App & Software DevelopmentWeb & Mobile App Development Design and Implementation Backend Implementation Business Intelligence (B.I. We're experienced and proficient in multiple programming languages and CMS platforms (java, js, angular, node, php, wordpress, magento, iOS native, Android native, Ionic, drupal, woocommerce and more) Digital Marketing Social Media Management PPC Paid Ads SEO Content & Email Marketing Marketing Automation Tracking  Types of Products We've Built Simple Wordpress Sites Complex & Custom Wordpress Products (Multi-Sites) WooCommerce Stores & Platforms eCommerce Applications that use BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, etc. Data Management Apps (both mobile and web based) Political Apps CRM Applications & Platforms (Marketing & Sales Driven) AR Mobile Apps Mobile Games Custom Amazon (AWS/MWS) Based Web Applications & Browser Extensions OUR TEAM We are a fully remote/international team of entrepreneurs and technology professionals. We have clients all over the world and we like to think of ourselves as being truly global. The bulk of our development team is located Asia and Europe giving us very good margins internationally. Our company is headquartered in the U.S. where our operations and sales & marketing are run from! WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR We are looking for like-minded individuals to join the team, work with our founders, and help expand our reach globally. (We want true HUSTLERS and INDIVIDUALS WITH AN ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET - who want to earn money - plain and simple!) If you are not driven, and do not have the desire to determine your own success - DO NOT APPLY, plain and simple!  We have sales partner roles available for individuals located within the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Dubai. Currently these are the only locations we can cover from a language perspective.Skills: 1+ years of experience in sales (any form of web & mobile app development projects or digital marketing) Very good RFP identification / research skills Very good proposal skills Experience dealing with proposals Ability to create and deliver complete proposal within a short timeframe A positive attitude and willingness to tackle unforeseen problems Entrepreneurial approach and an ability to determine the highest-impact activities of each day Relentless attitude Great networking and social skills Great communication skills via email, chat and other online communication methods Comprehensive understanding of a sales person ability to serve a need in comparison to selling something WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING You will be working directly with our CEO and COO who handle all sales and marketing company wide!  They will provide you with training material and our tailored sales strategy that focuses on serving needs rather than selling something outright. Our particular industry experiences constant growth, which means that their is a high-demand for our services!  The sales process itself becomes one specifically about investing time into the lead to secure them as opposed to focusing energy on just generating the lead! You have to have exceptional interpersonal and relationship building skills! You have to be very articulate and be able to sell solutions to problems as opposed to just a tangible product!   DAILY ACTIVITIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: generating leads based on our own system or your own unique ideas / sales sytem finding RFP's and creating proposals to fit within those RFP's using our dedicated team to help you fulfill RFP's requests as fast as possible your main focus will be to fulfill identified RFP's within 1 week using various methods both online and offline to generate these leads (emails, LinkedIn, cold calls, events etc) creating pitches (with our help) for meetings / skype calls to pitch to those leads nurturing leads finalizing the sales process up-selling Hours  We do not have any set working hours, we only require daily updates at a set time. This means you can work in your own time as long as you are able to deliver results! WHAT YOU WILL EARN/COMPENSATION WE DO NOT OFFER A BASE SALARY and this is partly the reason for our fantastic growth. This payment model assures us that only the ones who have the skills and the willingness to succeed get to be part of our team. We do not have employees, we only have business partners.The bulk of our workforce is based in favorable economic areas, which allows for profitable margins and in turn gives us the ability to provide some of the biggest commissions in the industry. We offer the following compensation plans based on our two service areas: 1. Digital Marketing Services - 20% of base service cost (total monthly value of SERVICES), recurring for 1 year, then it drops at 10% recurring for as long as the client remains with our agency. The average client spends around $3k per month on digital marketing services. 2. Web & Mobile App Development (we have a greater need for development sales as our team is now over 200 developers) - 20% flat per project value. Paid at each installment. If you know you have the contacts, the abilities and the channels to make this work, let's get started! Individuals interested in working with Mega are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. Application: Please apply by sending an email at with your resume and cover letter with answers to the following:1. What is your Full Name 2. What is your Linkedin Profile URL? 3. Why do you think you would be a great asset as a (sales partner) at Mega? 4. Briefly describe your background and what attributes would make you a great candidate for this position? 5. What is something new that you've learned recently? (A particular skill you've mastered would be a great example.) 6. Describe a sale you've made that you are particularly proud of? (What were the challenges? If any.) 7. Describe how you would identify RFP (Requests-for-Proposal) from clients? 8. Describe your method for developing proposals? 9. Here are two different scenarios that you might come across while working for Mega. Please read each of them below, and then select one to develop a pitch for. Make sure you include any relevant details that you think would be necessary for the pitch. You can make whatever assumptions you believe are necessary to construct the pitch. Scenario 1 -  Web & Mobile App Development -  You meet the CEO of a start-up company and have an idea on how our software development services can help them reduce cost and time to complete development projects they have on-going. Scenario 2 - Digital marketing -  You meet the CEO of a fitness chain and know that Facebook or Instagram Advertising campaigns could dramatically increase their membership sign-ups per location!  To apply: Please apply by sending an email at with your resume and cover letter with answers to the questions posed above.