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Posted almost 2 years ago

Responsibilities of the Job – The Challenge The director of software engineering is a new and senior role for our company. We are looking for someone who is ready to roll up their sleeves and share their experience and love for managing with our fantastic organization. You will need to understand the importance of people, processes, decisions, organization, coaching, and the expert, proactive communication it takes to have a super successful development team. You’ll also need to believe deeply in the importance of working with super smart people, have top-notch ethics, and possess a passion to accomplish big things. Who We Are Our mission is to improve the future of work by helping people find flexible jobs that make their lives better. We are committed to doing this internally and externally with integrity, intelligence, balance, communication, and care. In the past 11+ years, FlexJobs has established itself as the leader in the professional flexible job market (remote, freelance, part-time, and flexible jobs) to help job seekers connect with employers that offer these highly desired arrangements. We do this in a way that makes the job search experience easier, safer, and faster for job seekers by utilizing both technology and human intelligence to provide a friendly, effective, and better job service. In terms of flexibility, we also walk the talk! Our entire team works remotely from locations all across the United States. The ability to flex our schedules as needed to best fit our lives allows us to work in a very focused and productive way. What You’ll Do You will manage a group of developers and the QA team by making sure they have the direction, information, support, and skills they need to build great products in an environment that encourages curiosity, creative problem-solving, and a genuine drive to help make our service a success for our users. Balancing a sense of urgency and energy with fun, pride, and passion for the work being created will be crucial to the success of this role. You will report directly to the CTO and will be a part of the company’s strategy team, which will include collaboration with other team leads. In addition to leading and working closely with the development team, you will also work closely with the product and design teams. Your Management Experience: A successful track record of 5+ years of primary focus on managing a development team, with at least a few of those years in a remote environment. Substantial experience in companies of least 100-200+ people, and ideally with a company that has transitioned from “small” to, well, bigger than that. Experience with and a love for managing, optimizing, and growing remote development teams that have a variety of roles and functions, with a proven ability to maintain the team’s focus on completing projects in a timely manner. A consistent professional history and ongoing dedication to efficient productivity using proactive and transparent communication, creative problem-solving skills, strategic team development techniques, and comfort and creativity in evolving workflows and systems for efficient completion of projects. Confidence in your instincts and capabilities to effectively improve best practices, processes, and communication within the team procedures, as well as the attention to detail required to have smooth transitions and interactions between the development team and product management. Traits and Skills for This Role: The ability to collaborate closely with the product team on planning, development, and successful deployment of each sprint, as well as with other non-development teams when necessary for certain projects. A fine balance of leadership and management skills that embraces a collaborative style but doesn’t shy away from making a decision that shows good and balanced judgement, and a high-level of competence and character that inspires trust. The ability and experience to adapt to changes in priorities and requirements, and to motivate a team to deliver quality products with an ambitious schedule. A passion for helping to build the team process, assigning the projects based on what needs to get done, and making sure the team has the information they need to successfully execute. A great comfort level in leading a remote team without many opportunities for face-to-face meetings. We are spread throughout the U.S. and while we do get together in person at times, the majority of our work is done without that personal contact. Experience with managing a public-facing product would be beneficial but not required. Traits Required of All Team Members, You Included A sense of pride in your work and a passion for leading a team. A streak of perfectionism when it comes to details. Being highly organized, responsible, and ethical. Being proactive when it comes to asking questions, brainstorming, and working with colleagues. Excellent time management and organizational skills. An appreciation and enthusiasm for the ability to work remotely. Other Requirements Interested in a full-time, long-term position with a company that you’re proud to be a part of. You must have a fully functioning home office, including: high-speed Internet access, a fast computer, and phone access. Your work environment must be one in which you can really focus without distractions. How To Apply If this job description makes you feel as if it was written perfectly for you, then please apply! What we’ll need: An intro email/cover letter telling us why you want to work for FlexJobs (v. another company). Read this article and tell us what you think about about humble narcissists. A current resume in .doc, .docx, .pdf, markdown, or .txt. Applications can be sent through FlexJobs or by email to If you are selected to move forward, you may be required to do a background check. FlexJobs is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate and support diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive work environment for all employees. FlexJobs is also a veteran and military spouse-friendly employer. Our positions are perfectly structured for qualified candidates who meet this criteria and we have a workplace culture that supports their work and life.