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Posted almost 2 years ago

Start date: As soon as possible Location: Perth - Australia (West coast)Divio is driving Django adoption by putting it in the hands of thousands of developers and users across the world, through the Divio platform and the open-source django CMS. The Divio platform includes Django optimised hosting, developers tools and project templates to enable agencies, enterprises and developers to build scalable and lightning fast Django applications.At Divio we enjoy technology and love working with Python, Django, Ansible, Docker, JavaScript, React, Bootstrap and more. We believe good products are born out of collaboration, and the passion for our work comes with the challenging goals we set for ourselves and the people we work with.Is it your dream to work on new ideas and approaches for cloud-based services and products in a fast-paced environment? Wonderful!Meaningful, satisfying workThe prospect of working as part of a team to advance the Divio Cloud platform makes your heart beat faster. As our Django / Python DevOps, the overall performance and reliability of the cloud infrastructure will be in your hands and with it the responsibility for all aspects of security, stability, performance and cost-effectiveness of the platform and its related components.Youll participate in product meetings and consult with the team on priorities. As an experienced Engineer youve mastered professional programming skills in Python and Django, and you produce fully functional programs writing clean, tested code. Your output is of a very high standard, which means you have checked, tested and reviewed your own work, and you are aware of the unpredictable.In close collaboration with the team youll create robust solutions that follow security principles. Youre able to work independently, to manage and monitor your own work, and understand the value of going the extra mile in your work. Together with the team, youll manage the entire software development life cycle end to end, and youll swiftly answer queries from customers. We follow a philosophy of active interaction with our customers and like every member of our team youll assist them with help and expertise. Since you strongly care about results, you deliver your work and achieve your objectives within the given time and budget.Your proactive nature makes it easy for you to anticipate problems and communicate any risks at an early stage. As a Django / Python DevOps you act wisely and with foresight, you think entrepreneurially, make accurate estimations, and assess the consequences of your actions thoroughly.If youre looking for a challenging cloud platform to work on and a position that offers true responsibilities and a great team to be a part of, then this is the perfect place for you.See more jobs at Divio