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Posted 10 months ago

HelpOn Inc. is seeking a full time embedded Linux software engineer to join our virtual engineering team, based in Canada.\n\n**About**\nThe Privacy Hero Adapter is a Linux based adapter that encrypts Internet traffic from/to a home network. We spend most of our time working with networking, DNS, VPN and firewalls. \n\nWe believe there is a new category where privacy, security and network management are separated from a router in the classic networking setup. \n\nBasic information on our service can be found on our website, [](\n\n**Job Responsibilities**\nA successful candidate will be primarily working as an embedded software developer role as part of our engineering team. They will focus on the development of hardware based products, assuming responsibility for product design, development, and software using embedded systems for the consumer market.\n\n**This position is a good fit if you are:**\n\n- A Self starter and self managed\n- Independent\n- Adapt to changes easily\n- Enjoy working remotely\n- Into moving quickly and breaking things (responsibly)\n- Creative\n\n**We are:**\n\n- Decidedly uncorporate\n- A small team of experienced engineers\n- Startup culture\n- Slack centred - no email\n- Thinking outside the box (what box? ;))\n- Flexible with hours\n\n**Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:**\n\n- 3+ years of experience in Embedded system development on Linux, on x86, ARM, MIPS or PPC architectures\n- Experience using OpenWRT, DD-WRT or OpenEmbedded frameworks and build systems\n- Linux Kernel development – including device drivers, board support packages\n- Strong background in C/C++\n- Experience with Python\n- Strong background with TCP/IP networking\n- Good scripting language skills (ex: LUA, Python, Bash, Makefiles, etc)\n- Experience developing with other programming languages: ex:, PHP, or NodeJS\n- Familiarity with bug tracking and testcase management software such as JIRA, GitHub or similar products\n- Excellent oral and written communication skills including the ability to interact successfully with stakeholders\n- Excellent interpersonal skills and a demonstrated ability to work in a primarily virtual team environment (Slack, Skype)\n- Self motivated\n- Effective and confident decision making and problem solving skills\n- Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment\n- Ability to maintain confidentiality\n- Excellent organizational skills\n- Excellent time management skills\n\n**Additional Assets:**\n\n- GCC tool chain experience\n- Experience in u-boot development\n- Experience in TCP and/or UDP protocol design\n- Knowledge of hardware/IC design, ability to read schematics for I/O ports\n- Experience working in an agile development environment\n\n**Required Qualifications:** \n\n- Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineer or college diploma or equivalent experience\n\n**Position is virtual (work from home).**