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Posted 8 months ago

At MiniCorp we design, build and grow digital products. We don’t just build products that work, we build products that thrive. We combine the agility of a startup with the capacity of a tech giant to create apps, websites and digital experiences that both our clients and their customers love.

We don’t view our clients as customers, we view them as partners. We always strive to embed ourselves in their company and mission to truly understand their product vision and bring it to life in the most exciting ways possible.

We combine our inhouse skills of strategy, design, development and growth with our client’s domain knowledge to nurture and grow products towards profitability and success

We are enthusiastic, industry focused and extremely proud of the products that we build.

Your Responsibilities
  • Oversee the engineering process and progress throughout any given project, making technical decisions and owning the code alongside your team as needed.
  • Deliver high-quality peer-reviewed code that follows best practices.
  • Onboard both client and MiniCorp engineers onto projects and effectively coordinate project handoffs.
  • Responsible for the project team’s milestone deliverables and timelines
  • Help grow the engineering team by participating in hiring interviews and code reviews and making suggestions for process improvements.
  • Foster an open, collaborative, and inclusive environment both internally and on client projects.

Your Must-Have Skills & Experience
  • You have 7+ years of engineering experience with 2+ years in a lead role, ideally at a digital product agency or consultancy.
  • You have strong experience with Front End production applications using Ruby on Rails or similar frameworks.
  • You have strong experience with Back End production applications using JSON REST API methodology and at least one of these languages (Rails, Node, Java, Go, Python).
  • You can design strong technical solutions that internal and client teams understand and want to work on.
  • You've architected an application and can understand how business trade offs impact technical choices, and vice versa.
  • You can communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical audiences and are comfortable leading presentations of work frequently.
  • You’re comfortable with ambiguity and even more comfortable asking the kinds of questions that lead to clarity.
  • You’re adaptable and quick to embrace unexpected changes.
  • You’re motivated by feedback and by the opportunity to improve in your role, in the work, and in how you work together as a team.

Bonus Points
  • iOS experience
  • DevOps experience (AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud etc).
  • Android experience

Who we are looking for
  • You are an enthusiastic champion of what you build
  • You are an excellent communicator
  • You have an excellent eye for detail
  • You are unafraid to voice your opinions
  • You value teamwork and a positive team culture
  • You regularly seek new and innovative ways of approaching challenges