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Posted 8 months ago

Role Overview
  • Mentor and oversee the growth of developers on our teams
  • Recruit and continue to build out network of freelance developers
  • Oversee the production of code on multiple projects with multiple developers
  • Supplementally execute on projects where the lead developers have gaps
  • Continuously improve process and protocols by means of automation and documentation

Role Description

Every week you will spend a few hours towards recruiting, which includes interviewing candidates, reviewing their resumes, portfolios, and test project submission code. You’ll identify new full-time, remote, and/or freelance web development candidates and report them to leadership as well as to help integrate them to the team by onboarding them to company processes, best practices, and tools. 

You will spend at least a couple of hours each week helping to make staffing recommendations for various projects when we meet with the production team two times per week to staff immediate and upcoming work. You’ll recognize the strengths and weaknesses of developers across projects and recommend work to balance efficiency with challenge. You’ll meet regularly with the internal development team, at least once per week as a whole for discipline-oriented meetings—ideas are generated by the group, with each of our internal individual contributors leading at least one meeting per quarter. 

You will undoubtedly schedule check-ins with all developers on a cadence that suits their needs, probably weekly, mostly to listen but also to encourage their growth and coach them on strategic and tactical plays in a bid to improve risk mitigation skills and optimize for efficiency. You will report on the performance of developers both in-house and remote/freelance, meeting with the Director of Technology weekly to discuss issues on the team, with process, with tooling, and bring solutions to address them. 

More broadly, you will help developers not yet ready to lead projects by defining technical approaches, architecture, and process as well as basic code review and deployment support within various work streams—expect to do more of this in the beginning as you learn about our team and how we work. For new business, expect to help provide this guidance a couple of times per week to give general estimates. For projects kicking off, be prepared to help define approach and roadmap for the implementation plan. For bigger projects, step in to help collect requirements, assign tasks, and work through sprints within the design and development lifecycles.


Our ideal candidate will:
  • Have 2-3 years of experience working in web development as a programmer with project leadership, preferably at an ad or web agency
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of the tools and workflows required to facilitate code review, merge code, and handle code deployments
  • Know how to use bug/issue tracking software
  • Know how to spot issues with code when reviewing the differences between changes
  • Know how to work with distributed development teams over multiple time zones
  • Have strong interpersonal communication skills

You should already:
  • Be a full-stack(s) PHP, NodeJS, and/or Ruby [onRails] backend programmer
  • Be great with writing scripts using above languages (maybe python included) for automation purposes
  • Have your own toolset or workflow to add to our existing processes