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Posted 10 months ago

Why Datawire?

Our mission is to help organizations, big and small, embrace the cloud-native culture. We believe that cloud-native organizations can better help their customers and improve their businesses.

Ultimately, we are drastically improving the way engineers and developers work. What better way to spend your time than creating bleeding edge technology that is already respected and beloved by the open source community? With thousands of users including Microsoft, PTC, Ticketmaster, and Cisco, the Ambassador OSS Slack channel boasts nearly 2000 members.


Datawire’s Engineering Team Lead takes pride in the throes of management – figuring out ways to enable and empower individuals to do their job well and effectively as a team. As a coach, mentor, and leader, you will spend time helping people do technical work. This person will work closely with the CTO in managing the technical direction of Ambassador Pro.

Primary Responsibilities

The lead role is really about making sure the feedback loop of a software project stays healthy. The loop takes input from 3 sources:

  • Existing users of the software

  • The product function of the organization

  • Internal feedback from the team

(Note: these sources correspond to our three work queues: existing customers, new customers, and tech debt.)

What does healthy mean?

  • Splitting our time/resources roughly equally between the three kinds of feedback

  • Correctly prioritizing within each category (this is done in concert with product for the external sources of feedback and with the team for internal sources of feedback)

  • Ensuring status of any item resulting from input is communicated back to any stakeholders

  • Verifying deliverables resulting from input are “end-to-end” they actually solve the user’s problem


  • Elevate the conversation back to the original goal in different situations. This means dealing well with vague inputs.

  • Facilitate conversations on the team about how the current set of detailed work tracks back to high level goals

  • A *good* lead won’t actually be doing all the work of keeping the feedback loop healthy themselves (this doesn’t scale at all), but instead, helping the team members do the work

  • Firsthand understanding of general software workflow, and the ability to deeply understand Datawire’s specific project workflow and issues

  • Systems programming experience, e.g. writing continuous uptime network servers

  • Networking experience

  • Languages: Python, Golang