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Posted almost 2 years ago

Travis CI is looking for an Enterprise Support Engineer to work business hours in UTC-3 to UTC-8 (EST to PST). You’ll be on the frontline troubleshooting questions sent in by our awesome enterprise customers, building tools for the Enterprise team and customers, and documenting what you create and learn. Troubleshooting & Tickets The primary responsibility for ESE’s is answering questions submitted by customers in Zendesk, and occasionally in Slack. Most frequently, these tickets are submitted by customer systems administrators or operations engineers, and frequently touch on infrastructure and product questions. You may also need to help occasionally off-hours, though we do our best to make good use of our distributed time-zones, to respect your time away from work. Building Tools ESEs also are responsible to build and maintain several components of our support and Enterprise stack, and you’ll have your pick of project work. Currently, the team is working our internal admin tool, website, custom installer scripts, and support tools integrations. You will also be encouraged to add new features, improve build automation, or work on anything else that will help either customers or the team. Documentation The Enterprise Support Team maintains the Enterprise documentation in our open source docs, When we see a pattern in support tickets, we like to document the correct approach for others to find. And our customers are really good about reading the docs!Travis CI is based in Berlin, Germany, but globally distributed. You’ll have the pleasure of working with a diverse and multinational team, and are welcome to come visit the main office!RequirementsWe welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds and all levels of interest and experience! Here are a few skills and experiences that will make it easy for you to get up and started: Experience in software engineering, infrastructure engineering, or systems administration; especially with automation, Unix tooling, and Docker Troubleshooting and figuring out why systems do unexpected things. Collaborating in a team, and diving into and learning technologies. Writing and talking (in English) to customers and coworkers about how to solve complex support cases 4+ years in a professional environment -- it would be ideal if you spent some or all of that time in a customer-facing capacity Ultimately, we are looking for individuals who can and want to make a contribution to our constantly growing and evolving company. Whether you have only a few or all of the elements of a candidate’s background we identified, we’d love to hear if you think Travis CI might be a good fit for you!As a note, we're planning to keep this application process open until August 1, 2018. Please apply on or before then so we can make sure to see your submission. About Travis CI Enterprise Travis CI Enterprise is one of our main product offerings. It is Travis CI packaged up as a Docker container, and installed and run inside our customer's private networks. Our customers generally chose Travis CI Enterprise because they need to run an on-premises CI system for security, regulatory, or internal reasons.We believe in the importance of getting cool tools into enterprise teams -- startups shouldn’t be the only ones having fun with the latest and greatest!About Travis CITravis CI is a continuous integration platform: We help developers test, integrate, and ship their code, increasing the confidence, reliability, and speed of their development process. We strive to give back to the open source software (OSS) community. 95% of our code is open source, and we expect our builders to understand the tools, ethos, and benefits of a strong open source community. Travis CI is run as a hosted service, free for open source, and a paid product for private code. We also have an on-site offering for large enterprises who prefer to use their own infrastructure to run Travis CI (Travis CI Enterprise).We are a growing, bootstrapped business headquartered in Berlin, Germany with a team distributed across the globe. Our goal is to help developers build better software. Travis CI is building a profitable, sustainable business for the long run.Our core company values are openness, diversity, collaboration, and empathy. Travis CI strives to be a diverse team, made of and built by people with different backgrounds and lifestyles. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, accessibility needs, age, religion, color, or any other group.Benefits Location/Travel: Being a distributed team, you can work from wherever you wantFlexible working hours: You choose your working hours. We understand life comes with responsibilities and complications, and we encourage all our employees to spend time tending to them. Time-off: You will have a minimum of 25 days off - and you must take all of them, and at least two weeks together consecutively. We know things at work can be busy and exciting, but want to help make sure you are happy and healthy, and time away is important for that. Health Benefits: Your health insurance is partially covered by Travis CI. We’ll cover 50% of your health insurance, up to €350 per month, no matter where you are.