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Posted over 1 year ago

What is G2i?G2i is a hiring platform for engineers by engineers. Our vision is for the hiring process to be simple, trustworthy and enjoyable for both companies and engineers. Our mission is to create a vetting process where:Engineers will vet other engineersEngineer vetting will be as close to on the job requirements as possibleThe vetting process will be objective, repeatable and quantitatively scoredThe process will be transparent. We will provide the engineer's code, our code review and technical interview notes in full to our clients.G2i is short for "Good News to the Internet." We are convinced that our primary vision & mission are good news to companies that need to hire engineers. While we are going about fulfilling that primary vision & mission, we will also be good news to those in need. We are on mission to help hundreds of street kids in Nairobi, Kenya obtain education, a safe home, parental care, and the love they need. We are also committed to supporting the open source community by finding ways to financially support those who build the OSS we rely on.What We Need Right NowWe are currently in need of an Erlang contractor that wants to work with one of our clients remotely. Our client is based in San Francisco and is looking for engineers in North America and South America for optimal time zone overlap. Here is the current tech stack that you would be working in: Erlang 19 PostrgreSQL Redis Comms with Rails AWSThey have a highly customized solution that they need help with both in terms of support and coming up with scaling solutions. Some examples of tasks you would work on include:Migrating to new database connection typesCode clean up/ refactorDatabase improvements (Indexing, caching strategy, optimize queries, etc.)Redesign and implement custom storage typesMajor and minor bug fixesProvide support on monitored alertsSystem Tasks: add more logging, new monitoring metrics and improve deployment processWho we want to hire (Qualifications)In simple terms we want to hire a Mid-to-Senior Erlang engineer that wants to work on a remote contract. Here's what that means:You have production Erlang experience.Your Erlang experience has been sufficiently complex for you to step into a mature Erlang system and contribute quickly.You are comfortable with the entirety of a system's backend from the database, to cloud infrastructure, server side business logic and API design.You have experience working in small agile teams.You can complete non-trivial engineering requirements, on time, with very little or no help from other members of the team. This doesn't mean that you are siloed from the team, rather that you aren't relying on them in the manner a Junior would.You will assist other members on the team when they get stuck working on non-trivial engineering requirements.You can work independently and figure out how to solve problems in front of you.You will have a sense of ownership over the engineering tasks assigned to you. The buck will stop with you.You will have a sense of urgency to your work meaning that the completion of a task is important to you. You will do your best to estimate accurately and will communicate early if your estimates look like they will be inaccurate.