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Posted 5 months ago

Who is FinFolio?

  • We make wealth management simpler!
  • A SaaS solution that is the backoffice for professional wealth managers
  • Our software reports, trades, and bills investment accounts
  • Founded in 2008, we recently re-launched our product to rave reviews
  • 20+ employees, 50% are remote, grew 100% over 24 months
  • Exciting early-stage startup, well funded, adding 2 new clients each month
  • Passionate and excited about great software and making our clients happy

What will you do at this job?

  • Work with financial data from many custodians, brokers and legacy accounting systems
  • Manipulate data for accounts, transactions, custodial balances, tax lots, securities, prices, etc.
  • Develop and maintain custom load/transform tools for FinFolio’s SQL database.
  • Import and normalize data and reconcile errors using SQL queries, FinFolio desktop software and other 3rd party and internal tools.
  • Provide 2nd tier support to data conversion and import teams, solving problems like why transactions are not impacting balances correctly, why account data does not match, etc
  • Makeg changes in our C# and SQL codebases and come up with your own improvements.
  • Work directly with clients to request data extracts and presenting your work product
  • Help maintain server infrastructure including infrastructure and general software development.

What qualifications will help me be successful at FinFolio?

  • Advanced SQL skills required (SQL Server specifically is a plus).
  • Intermediate C#
  • JavaScript, PowerShell, Windows DOS, Excel and other scripting tools are a plus
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience working directly with clients.
  • Must be reliable and self starting, with a strong attention to detail, able to manage multiple deadlines and projects.
  • Familiarty with IT / infrastructure is a plus.
  • Investment finance knowledge is a plus.

 What tools do we use?

  • Hangouts for video, telepresence and meetings
  • Slack for intra-office communication
  • GMail for communication with clients and data vendors
  • Zenefits for HR and payroll
  • Google Drive for documents, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Hubspot for contact management and help desk

Why should you work here?

  • Work with a team that is excited and passionate about what they do
  • Help support an amazing, best-in-class product that is fun to use
  • Competitive salary + health/dental + paid time off + 401K match
  • Interact with interesting and successful financial advisor clients
  • Training and visits to our fun co-working office in Denver RINO:

Location: US Locations Only
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