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Posted 2 months ago

We're looking for a software QA tester 👩‍💻👨‍💻 to join our product team either in our office (Rouen or Paris) or remotely.\n\n## Why working at Saagie?\n* **Real agile organization**. Human before process\n* **Friendly and open-minded work environment**\n* Time for **technological watch** & work on **open source projects**\n* Flexible work schedules and **remote work** allowed\n* **Conferences lover**? We can sponsor you! (Limited to Europe)\n\n## Additional Information\n* Location: Rouen or Paris office (France), or remotely (full-time) from France\n* Contract: permanent\n* EU work permit needed\n* **Limited to France**\n* Salary: 38-44k€ depending on experience\n\n\n\n\n\n# Responsibilities\n You'll be in charge of:\n* Improving our automated test solution architecture and implementation\n* Increasing the test coverage\n* Guaranteeing Saagie Product is regression free\n\nYour team is responsible for his own architectural and technological choices and you are committed to:\n**🛠 Improve** and **👮guarantee** Saagie's platform **quality** \n**🏭Industrialize** the test solution. \n\n# Requirements\n* Minimum **3 years experience** as a tester (or developer with a real interest in testing)\n* You **speak French** and at least basic **English**\n\n### Hard skills\n* You have skills in Javascript (ES6), Node.js, Selenium webdrivers, Git, Jenkins\n* You have knowledge in API contract and management \n* You know how to properly industrialize your work and make it repeatable\n\n### Soft skills (really matters for us)\n* Thoroughness, rigor, organization and great sensitivity to quality\n* Sense of communication and diplomacy\n* You know-how - and want to - share your knowledge with your teammates\n* You're comfortable with remote work\n* Resourceful and **open-minded**: you're keen to enhance your skills and use new tools quickly\n* **Autonomous** but can also work with teammates\n* You are **pragmatic**, **delivery oriented** and willing to deliver small increments at a time\n\n### Nice to have\nKnowledge on:\n* Load test tools (Gatling for example)\n* GraphQL \n\n#Salary\n$40,000\n \n\n#Location\n- France