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Posted about 1 month ago

\nExpert Full Stack Developer\n\n\nExpert Full stack developer, proven ability to move\n up or down the tech stack with experience in the delivery of a services-driven\n approach supporting complex front end portals:\n\n\n* PHP\n\n* SQL (MySQL / MariaDB)\n\n* Javascript\n\n* JQuery / JQueryUI\n\n* Javascript Frameworks like ReactJS\n\n* HTML\n\n* CSS\n\n* Linux / Redhat / CentOS\n\n* ApacheExpert React Developer able to support and develop complex web and mobile apps:\n\n\n* React Native\n\n* ReactJs\n\n* NodeJs\n\n* React Native\n\n* Javascript\n\n* HTML\n\n* CSS\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAdditional requirements\n\n\n* Broad experience in various industries, logistics\n industry experience a plus\n\n* Self-driven, able to work remotely without hands-on\n supervision.\n\n\n\n\nThis is a USA based position, preferably in MA or TX. We are only interested in individuals who can join OnePak full time.

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