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Posted almost 2 years ago

Department: Advertising Team Reports to: Senior Digital Strategist Role Creating and managing client campaigns on a daily basis through a strategic lens, communicating with the client, sending weekly reports and supporting the client with strategic consultations as needed. Responsibilities Understanding the strategy of a specific campaign and client funnel Tasking out different components of a campaign such as images and copy to the correct contractors Loading or tasking the loading of campaigns/ads to the ads specialists Reviewing, editing & loading of ad assets as needed Placing and verifying pixel to ensure proper campaign tracking Daily optimization of campaigns to ensure the lowest possible cost per result and an overall positive ROI Proactively create, execute, and optimize creative strategies to consistently drive high-quality leads, traffic & visibility Produce weekly reports for client account updates, recommendations and results Follow-up with client communications, questions and concerns in a timely manner Stay on top of new techniques, strategies and changes to test for better client results & campaign successes Communicating with clients about the success of the campaign, and offering suggestions for ways to improve Schedule & perform monthly client meetings & consultations for account goals and strategic success of each client account Participate in daily, monthly and quarterly team huddles to ensure agency team members are all meeting company goals & responsibilities Results: First 90 days: Learn each assigned clients account and launch strategies with direction from the Director of Advertising to ensure proper execution of client goals and success. Master the “Hirsh Process” for proper client account management and ongoing optimization. Feel 100% confident by the end of the 90-day period that you can manage your accounts with minimal support and oversight needed from the Director of Advertising or the CEO. After initial 90 days: Ads Manager should be able to perform all client tasks, communications and strategy consulting with minimal direction from the Director of Advertising and moving to be a trusted main source of contact for strategy consultation for the client while reporting to the Director of Advertising for strategy updates, guidance & insight. The ads manager will continue to learn and grow and bring innovative strategies to the Hirsh Agency and our clients. Requirements 2+ years of online marketing experience Dedication to problem-solving and the ability to analyze results and make suggestions to the client based on their individual results High attention to detail, proofreading, writing and editing skills for accuracy Mid - Expert level knowledge of Facebook advertising (minimum 1-2 years experience) Quick learner who retains information easily Knowledge of various 3rd party platforms such as ClickFunnels, MailChimp, etc Ability to communicate effectively Access to a high-speed internet connection Good time management and organization skills as a remote worker Ability to communicate with clients via email & video meetings. Understanding of Funnel Marketing strategies & the psychology of advertising to the customer journey Excellent verbal communication skills Committed to ongoing education and training to stay on top of the Facebook platform, rules, regulations, strategies and updates for proper ad execution, implementation & client success Details:  Paid training that leads to base and incentive compensation based on performance