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Posted 9 months ago

- First engineering hire at a fast-growing startup with traction
- Define our technical architecture, processes, stack, and culture
- Own engineering and product goals end-to-end
- Work directly with customers to learn their needs
- Have a huge impact on which products and features we build

- Frontend: JavaScript, React, GraphQL, Electron
- Backend: Ruby, Rails, AWS, PostgreSQL, Redis, Memcache

- 2+ years experience with Rails, JavaScript, React
- High sense of ownership to independently make good decisions for users and the business
- A desire to be part of an early stage startup and wear multiple hats
- Use data to make decisions
- Have an attention to detail and quality, but know how to balance that with speed given we're a startup
- A sense of humor (startups should be fun) as well as gravitas (startups are serious; money and livelihoods are on the line)