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Posted 3 months ago

The Role/You

We have a minimum viable product and need you to come on board and help us make it beautiful and intuitive. You'd work closely with the two co-founders and future product hires, as well as have some access to a Taskable advisor who is an experienced designer.

Your responsibilities would be:
  • Mocking up screens and features to be implemented with the engineering team
  • Working alongside the co-founder/product manager to understand user problems and design solutions that solve those problems
  • Help prioritize features and product roadmap
  • Get involved in whatever other areas of the startup you are interested in - there will be lots of room to grow!


Our primary requirement is someone with solid design skills, specifically in web and product design.

Some nice to have skills would be:
  • UX/UI research


We want to build a diverse team and create a culture where everyone feels welcome. We believe we’ll be more successful the more diverse our viewpoints and experiences.

We are committed to building an inclusive team that respects and celebrates everyone regardless or race, religion, gender, and sexuality.


  • Fully remote and flexible
  • Lots of room to grow in Taskable
  • Shape the future of our product

Our Process

  1. Get in touch with us.
  2. If it looks like a good fit on paper, we’ll arrange a call


Send us an email (use your name and the title of the role as the subject) at with a resume/CV/body of work/anything that gives us a sense of your experience.