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Posted 18 days ago

Queue is a fast-growing startup based in Denmark. Queue is very simply described a music app which changes the way in which we listen to music together ( \n\nAs a Backend Developer for Queue, you will be working together with me building our new Backend system which is built with Apollo Server, Sequelize and PostgreSQL. Queue is also currently using a node.js server for running Spotify cron jobs (a song timer and etc.). All of that logic you will help build on Google Cloud Functions instead for better scalability. You will be working on a hourly basis with typically one or more clearly defined task a week. Every task will be smaller and typically range from 5-15 hours. \n\n# Requirements\nYou should be experienced with the following:\n\n* Apollo Server\n* Sequelize (the ORM I'm using to connect to PostgreSQL)\n* Setting up and managing a PostgreSQL database on AWS\n* Google Cloud functions\n* Github and being able to communicate clearly\n\nNice to have skills:\n\n* Experience with Apollo on the client-side (React Native)\n* Experience with the Spotify API\n* Experience with Lambda\n \n\n#Salary\n$42,240\n \n\n#Location\n- 🌏Worldwide