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Posted almost 2 years ago

Front-end Developer TELECOMMUTE Oslo, Norway Product DESCRIPTION ABOUT YOU You are an experienced, empathetic frontend developer with a knack for building fast and functional user interfaces. You want to work at a diverse start-up with dedicated, passionate, and skilled people. Being a developer isn’t just about putting food on the table you have a need to create. You strive to improve on your code, and the people around you. Web technologies excite you! You’ve probably had trouble falling asleep at some point in the past few months because of a technical challenge you couldn’t put aside. You might’ve woken up with the solution. You play well with others, and your written and verbal communication skills are solid. OUR STACK Our frontend is built on top of React, Redux, and with many popular libraries (like Flow and re-select). We use Jest for testing, Storybook for component documentation, CircleCI for automated testing and deployments. We consider Prettier a godsend for eliminating code-style nitpicks in pull requests. REQUIREMENTS 4+ years of experience with Javascript. You spend most of your days working with React or similar frameworks. You’ve built, shipped and maintained at least one medium-large application. You have a solid understanding of modern HTML & CSS. You consider testing important: When and what to test is a trade-off you know how to make. You understand the benefits of declarative vs imperative UI’s. You take pride in the work you do. If remote: you already have remote working experience. BONUS POINTS You have a solid eye for design. You are knowledgeable about performance testing. You have experience working with large amounts of data on the client-side. You know Ruby on Rails. You hate time tracking too. BENEFITS Work with a highly skilled and diverse team across the globe. Competitive salary and stock option in a fast-growing start-up. Loose vacation policy Work remote in Canada, USA, or South America (UTC-10 to UTC-5) or from the coolest office in Oslo, Memory HQ. Awesome lunch, drinks, snacks and great coffee. MacBooks are our standard, but we’re happy to get you whatever equipment helps you get your job done.