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Posted almost 3 years ago

You’re a good fit for our team if you have worked remotely before.  We are a Remote Dev Team. You probably understand that while it’s not “hard”, it is different.  There is a different kind of social aspect to working remotely. Sometimes you need to find a way to just talk to people.  In a typical week, you’ll jump on some Zoom calls now and then to get some face time with other humans and decide what to work on, keep in touch via Slack and occasional voice calls.  But above all you can communicate about story cards with devs and non-devs asynchronously, and then have code that makes sense to the rest of the team. You’ll build front facing sites, microsites, landing know...HTML/CSS/JavaScript that work with our core application and with our integration partners and integration customers. BotCheck:  Tell me what your favorite fiction book is within your e-mail.  I promise to acknowledge your submission right away.These are some examples of the things you can work on here.  Don’t let anything be a deal breaker for you, you don’t have to work on “all” of it. Use your current goto skills to deliver value and then dabble into the some of the other interesting areas:Since we have a core product, core API, partners that we integrate with and and customers that we integrate with and provide some customization for, on a given day, you might wind up choosing a card to work on any of these:Our core product front end, back end or APIs.  It’s a React App with a Rails API on Postgres.  Our core product interfaces with a dozen 3rd party APIs and our growing list of internal APIs. One of our big internal APIs hits our A.I. product called Mathison.  Our head of A.I. has a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and is always looking to find new ways to apply it to our customers data. Any experience with data science, machine learning or AI is a bonus but certainly not an expectation.We have a set of products that utilizes javascript, a Rails set of services and various 3rd party API integrations to embed content into  websites.  (You’ve seen our stuff, you just didn’t know it was ours.)  Think of our core products as a Enterprise Headless CMS, Marketing Automation and A.I.  We are constantly looking to make our workflow better and our architecture nicer to work with.  The current alphabet soup of our tech stack is: Rails, Ruby, React,  JavaScript, Gremlin Graph Database, Tensorflow, Elixir and Phoenix, Redis and lots of NodeJS and of course all of the front end usual suspects like React /  Gatsby / Ruby / Jekyll / JavaScript.If you’ve worked remotely and have front end experience with a flair for design then send us a note with a resume or some reasonable facsimile of one, a **link or two to things you are proud of working on**.  A real person who wrote this ad, will receive your email, look at what you sent and actually respond provided that you are not a bot and just scraped this to automagically send your resume. :-)  We are looking for contractors right now.  We've hired some full timers.  It's steady work.  If you find the $40 to $50 / hour range works for you, we'd love to hear from you.  We'll include the rate here so you don't have to spend all this time thinking about what your favorite book is, if it doesn't work for you.