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Posted over 1 year ago

We aren’t looking for a ‘Rock Star’ or a ‘Ninja’. We aren’t looking for a ‘Super Star Developer’ either. We want a team player; someone who is tenacious about getting things done as part of a team in an environment that expects creativity and quality delivery. Be a rebel but be part of our rebel alliance.

Skills and experience


* Layout and presentation skills in HTML, CSS and related technologies

* Expertise in JavaScript with a minimum of 5 years’ experience – ES6; Babel JS

* Experience of modern web frameworks and libraries, in particular React JS

* Single Page Applications (SPA) – Create React App / Next JS / Gatsby; React Router / Reach Router; Redux & Redux-Saga

* Unit Testing – Jest; React Testing Library / Enzyme; Snapshot Testing

* Web Accessibility – WCAG; Axe

* Web application user interface design skills and experience

* A thorough understanding of web concepts: HTTP, REST, web services, etc

* Experience working on Agile projects, particularly Kanban or Scrum

* Tenacious technical problem solver

* Good communicator

* Demonstrable experience of working with version control, build tools, code-quality and testing tools.


* Experience with Government Digital Service (GDS)

* Experience with Design Systems – Storybook; Styled Components / Emotion

* Experience of test automation – Cypress; Puppeteer

* Typescript

* ESLint

* Standard JS / Prettier

* JSON Schema

* Sketch

* Experience of developing for deployment to the public cloud (e.g. AWS, AWS Amplify, Azure, etc.)

* Experience using the Atlassian suite (Jira, Confluence, etc.)

* Working knowledge of best practices: version control, unit testing, CI and documentation

* Comfortable using the command line to support application development and deployment - GIT; Bash scripts

* Experience with developing and deploying with container technologies, in particular Docker.


* Develop solutions that meet the needs of users by considering the user at every step of the delivery process; from understanding the need to designing the solution and delivery

* Work as an integral member of a small, remote team

* Agree and deliver on sprint commitments

* Design and implements secure software components

* Participate in the iterative user needs analysis and design phases

* Ensure that code is well-tested in development and to take part in systems integration testing where required, to meet the agreed level of quality (Jest)

* Participate in peer review processes

* Supporting the team through the full release cycle

* Participation in development support for the resolution of bugs, provision of hot fixes and support of the production system as required by application operations

* To follow and enhance the organisation’s software engineering practices and processes.