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Posted 10 months ago

Seeking a rational and creative front-end developer for fast-growing YC-startup.

We are building a global social safety net for online freelancers/entrepreneurs. Our current customers are digital nomads and soon also distributed startups.

We're a strong team of 10, our headquarter is in San Francisco, but our team is distributed. We have quarterly gatherings, and you will receive both salary and equity compensation.

SafetyWing went through Y Combinator (W18), has raised two rounds of venture-funding and have been growing >20 % every month since launch one year ago. See more on

Looking forward to hearing from you!

# Responsibilities
You will be responsible for the technical side of front-end, security and devops.

# Requirements
We're looking for a technical front-end developer with knowledge of the following areas:

- React (At least 1 year or 2 years of other modern front-end framework like angular)
- Flux/Redux experience
- ES6/7
- Experience with SASS/SCSS
- Security

Nice to have
- Knowledge about front-end security/payment system implementation
- Experience with front-end testing and linters

If you are a fullstack is also good:
- Experience with Java
- Experience with devops

In addition we are looking for someone who:
- wants to help build a global social safety net on the Internet
- think for yourself instead of copying others
- are creative and bold in the face of any problem
- are honest and have high integrity

Competitive equity and salary

- Worldwide