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Posted 7 months ago

Do you want to work with a company that are fun, hard working and deliver excellence ? If the answer is yes, then read further.\n\nWe are looking to hire a front-end developer that will work closely with our team at Thunderbite to produce engaging products for our customers. Your skills will be mostly creating the front-end of the applications but knowledge about backend development is a bonus, but not required.\n\nYour job would be to develop engaging promotional games / campaigns for our clients, both existing and new which will be hosted on clients websites.\n\nWe are a company that builds and provides marketing promotions for clients with a special emphasis on the Gaming industry. The campaigns Thunderbite delivers are bespoke and we are always open to new concepts and innovative ways of working to produce a quality service.\nIn order to do this well, we are all passionate, highly motivated and extremely proud of what we do and we are looking for another individual that possesses those attributes. We all work in separate locations and even separate countries so logistics isn’t a priority, but you have to be able to work independently though still as a part of a team, your communication skills are therefore one of the keys to success.\n\nWe aim to be the best at what we do and need a talented front-end developer that is both eager and determined to produce games within our promotions that are exciting, new and engaging that will surprise, please and bring our whole game range to the next level. \n\n# Requirements\n**The skills we are looking for**\n\n* In-depth practical experience with JavaScript ( ES6 )\n* Experience with working in NODE.JS and using NPM\n* Excellent understanding of responsive design for Web and Mobile applications\n* pre-processors such as SASS or SCSS\n* RESTful Web APIs and JSON\n* Knowledge of tools such as JSLint or ESLint\n* Webpack and JS Polyfills\n* Experience with animations in both CSS and CANVAS\n* Experience with modern design tools (Photoshop, Sketch) is a plus\n* Strong debugging skills\n* You will be required to analyse and identify bottlenecks in performance\n* Proven experience in developing engaging, interactive front-end solutions\n* The ability to turn a design into an engaging interactive masterpiece\n* Experience with GIT\n* A good understanding of JavaScript module loader\n\n**Bonus points for experience with**\n\n* Working remotely\n* Managing your own time\n* PHP frameworks such as Laravel\n* Pixi.js\n\n**Finer details**\n\n* Start date: as soon as possible\n* Pay: dependent on what you bring to the table\n* Full-time role\n* Based anywhere around the world \n\n#Salary\n$50,000\n \n\n#Location\n- 🌏Worldwide