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Posted 8 months ago

![](\n\nThis is an opportunity that could change your portfolio forever.\n\nApproveMe is in immediate need of a two **Full-time Freelance React JS developer's** to work along side our product manager, UI/UX Designers, lead developer and UI engineers. We are building a powerful and gorgeous cloud-based Document Signing platform and our developers get to work on exciting and complex problems.\n\nOur team is made up of wildly talented designers and developers with backgrounds working on products such as **Active Campaign, Twitter, Atlassian, and Helpscout.** Together we have been secretly crafting an absolutely inuitive, user-focused SaaS product (with personality, pizzazz, and plenty of unicorn shimmer) based off of 5+ years of user feedback from thousands of our customers. We will be launching in a 2-3 months, all we are missing is someone like you to jump on-board. If you are our developer, you'll learn a ton working with a creative, fun team who value your technical expertise.\n\n# Responsibilities\n **What if you could:**\n\n* Have the creative freedom to do your top-quality work with an inspiring and collaborative team?\n* Use your front-end (React JS) chops to help deliver a document signing app that disrupts the largest established players in the legal/tech space, changing an industry (and your portfolio) forever?\n* has been working with some wildly talented (internet famous) designers and developers, secretly crafting an absolutely gorgeous, user-focused SaaS product (with personality, pizzazz, and plenty of unicorn shimmer) based off of 5+ years of user feedback from thousands of our customers that were demanding the product we’ve created (but will be launching in a few months).\n\n**Our mission is clear: **\n\nWe are leveraging our exponential success of our previous WordPress product to gear up and deliver a new revolutionary SaaS/cloud hosted platform. We are looking for a talented and innovative React.JS developer to lead our front-end team.\n\nIf you’re our developer you will be able to commit to between **40+ hours weekly **\n\nOur Tech Stack:\n*BACKEND: PHP, Laravel\nFRONT-END: React.js, Typescript, Redux-Saga for event handling, Redux for state management*\n\n**You will work on:**\n\n* Collaborating in an agile development team, made up of a product manager, technical lead, back-end developer, multiple UI/UX developer's all working together on an exciting industry transforming product.\n* Developing new user-facing features and building reusable code and libraries for future use.\n* Optimizing applications for maximum speed and scalability using React.JS\n* Developing new user-facing features as well as the integration of backend code & end points\n* Writing and maintaining efficient, reusable, and reliable React JS code.\n* Ensuring the best possible performance, quality, and responsiveness of the applications by identifying bugs and solving problems.\n* Helping maintain code quality, organization, and automatization as well as the integration of user-facing elements with server side logic.\n\n**Our Developer** will likely have their own journey which has brought them here. With some of your previous experience you may have accomplished the following:\n\n* Experience in Redux, styled components, larger React JS (single page applications) that require significant origination around state management,\n* 4+ Years of experience with client-side scripting and JavaScript frameworks, including jQuery\n* Experience with MVC frameworks.\n* 2+ Years experience with React JS\n* Solid working experience with TDD &/or BDD.\n* Working experience integrating third-party APIs is a plus.\n* Knowledge of Git and best practices for merging, branching, and pull requests.\n* Experience with highly scalable/high traffic solutions.\n* Experience working within Agile development environments.\n* Experience in communicating complex technical concepts\n\n**Why Work Here?**\n\nOur developers work on exciting and complex problems. You'll learn a ton working with a creative, fun team who value your technical expertise.\n\n**Here is a little bit more about us:**\n\n* is a 5+ year old startup in the legal tech space. Our current product, WP Esign, transforms a WordPress powered website into a legally binding, court recognized document signing application. We have taken the market by storm and our plugin is within the top 5% of the WP ecosystem. Our incredible customers are what have made WP ESign the most successful WordPress powered document signing solution available today. We're now building on that success and working on a very powerful SaaS (not WordPress plugin) product. We are actively looking for an engaging, inquisitive, experienced React JS Front-end developer, who is looking to expand their creative and professional horizons with a team that has worked on some internet famous products.*\n\n**Our personality: ** \n\n*A document signing experience shouldn’t be stiff, cold and corporate. It’s exciting. Your first house. Launching a business. Sending a kid to summer camp. These are events and transactions worth celebrating. The experience is for real people so the experience should feel like a celebration.* \n\n# Requirements\nApproveMe 2.0 Tech Stack:\nBACK-END: PHP, Laravel (this position is for front-end not back-end)\nFRONT-END: React.js, Typescript, Redux-Saga for event handling, Redux for state management. \n\n#Salary\n$130,000\n \n\n#Location\n- United States, South America, North America, Europe, South Africa