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Posted 2 months ago

Workstorm is a digital platform designed to make collaboration easy for professionals. The platform includes world-class private and secure messaging, video conferencing, file sharing/storage as well as many other features.  We are seeking an experienced Front End Web Developer with graphic design experience to join our remote Team! 
Reporting to the Design Director and Head of Marketing, this person would be responsible for taking marketing direction and copy, creating designs for custom landing pages and new website sections, resulting in turning those designs into final code.  In addition, there would be some design and updates for Keynote or Powerpoint presentations.
Required Skills:
• Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design, Web Design, or comparable experience

• Solid grasp of design principals of scale, contrast, typography, color theory etc.

• Competency in HTML/CSS/Javascript

• Comfort in design programs like Sketch, Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop or similar

Preferred Skills:
• Familiarity with Vue
• Experience with Keynote or PowerPoint