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Posted almost 2 years ago

[Screenly](, the digital signage company, seeks a front-end developer to help create a great looking modern and responsive web UI. We're looking for people who are ambitious and deeply driven to make a difference. Your ability as a general pragmatic developer and fast learner is what truly matters to us. As you read the specifics below, keep in mind that the skill we are looking for is more in the lines of "awesome solver of challenges" than any one specific skill. You would work on JavaScript, React, HTML, CSS and other techs to create a great looking modern and responsive web driven UI. You would also be ready to dive into the Django and Python underpinnings and add the bits necessary for a great user experience. Underneath it all you'll find Postgres, Redis and a good heaping of Docker and Kubernetes.While this ad is about the front-end, we're really into jacks-of-all trades. We think in a startup every team member needs to be nimble and flexible enough to do whatever it takes to deliver the product.You can expect to work with a small full time team of crafty developers, in a quickly growing startup. We're a remote only shop so you'll never feel you're not in the loop due to not being in the main office -- there is no main office! You can learn more about how we work [here]( like:* Detail oriented front-end work.* Great UX.* Occasionally fun UI and UX.* Unit tests, integration tests, ui tests, test tests, every test.* Python.This is a full-time position. We only hire individuals, not agencies. Please state the square root of twenty five in your cover letter. You will need to attend a daily meeting and a fortnightly video planning meeting (around 16:00 UTC) so please don’t apply if that doesn’t work for you or you can’t work a semi-regular 5-day week. Hours are very flexible, but you do have to be around often enough for the rest of the team to interact with you.See more jobs at Screenly