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Posted 7 months ago

About HourStack
HourStack is a productivity and time management software company based in Seattle, Washington. HourStack helps agencies, internal teams, and individual users to track and manage their time more efficiently so they can focus on tasks and projects with the most business impact. With a range of integrations, users can streamline their workflow with current applications already in use, all in a visual drag-and-drop calendar.

The current team
We're a small yet diverse group of people with backgrounds in software development, marketing and many other miscellaneous things. Self-funded by previous business successes, we're an intentionally lean and agile team that has a passion for startups and software, where we prioritize optimizing product functionality with great customer support. We believe in working remotely from our favorite places, hopping on calls, or meeting up in person when we need to dig a bit deeper into problem-solving.

We acquired HourStack late last year and have been working diligently to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the product through surveys, customer interviews, etc. We received amazing feedback from customers who love the product and are excited to see it continue to evolve.

We have 500 paying teams using HourStack daily and now have a clear roadmap to fill in the gaps in the product, make enhancements where needed, and really solidify the product/market fit so we can scale to thousands of paying teams over the coming years.

Your role with us
We're hiring an experienced frontend developer to help us build HourStack. First, you'll be working on an all new version of HourStack's web app. We're finishing up our new REST API and are in the process of finalizing the UI, so you're on deck! Building the new web app is just the beginning though.

We'll be building out a slew of new integrations, cross-platform mobile and desktop apps, creating great documentation for our customers, supporting our sales and marketing teammates, and continually iterating on the product based on customer feedback.

Technologies we use
We utilize a LEMP stack and our cloud of choice is DigitalOcean. We are open to working with either React or Vue.js for the web app and other technologies and services you'll use on the frontend include Javascript (ES6), Typescript, Webpack, Babel, Sass, JSON, NPM, Git (GitHub), Pusher, REST, GraphQL, etc.

For collaboration we use Notion. For synchronous communication we use Slack or Zoom and for asynchronous communication we use email and Loom. For design we use Sketch.

Qualifications you need
You must be an experienced (3+ years) developer who has a track record of building solid products and experiences that customers love. You have a good feel for great UX and enough of a design eye to make UI decisions when required. You are familiar with the technologies we use and have deep experience with most so you can hit the ground running.

You must love to be productive! We are building a productivity product here, but you will also be working with a small, dedicated, and focused team that knows how to crank out very high quality work. We all enjoy having significant amounts of uninterrupted work time to maximize our productivity.

You'll also need to have experience working remotely and the skills that come along with that such as excellent written and verbal communication, self-motivation, flexibility, reliability, etc.

What we offer
Currently our team is in Seattle, though we work remotely and are willing to consider candidates from other parts of the US/World given some overlap with our timezone (PT). This is a full-time contract position through the end of 2020 with the option for extension or full-time employment in 2021 if everyone is on board. We pay monthly at a rate of $7-10K depending on experience, qualifications, and fit with the team.