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Posted about 2 months ago

\nYour tasks\n\n\n* You will work with the development team on the web systems that power MindDoc: the leading therapy platform and mental health app with more than 2M downloads worldwide.\n\n* You will have the freedom to use state-of-the-art technologies and in turn, be expected to deliver a stellar user experience.\n\n* You play a key role in the core strategy of the company: you are significantly responsible for our overall success.\n\n* You contribute to an engineering culture where developers enjoy working and keep learning.\n\n\n\n\nYour profile\n\n\n* You have a track record in building web applications in agile environments.\n\n* You are experienced in using any frontend frameworks like Vue.js, React or Angular (ours are built using Vue.js).\n\n* Our entire tech stack is mostly written in Typescript. Therefore, extensive experience with these or at least other web languages (like JavaScript, Dart, etc.) is required.\n\n* You have experience in test-driven development. We work extensively with Jest to ensure we have 100% test coverage throughout.\n\n* You have very good knowledge of Git, development workflow automation and CI (Github Actions, Gitlab CI, Travis, Jenkins, CircleCI...). Continuous Delivery is in our DNA.\n\n* You know how to use Docker for local development. Basic knowledge of Kubernetes and Helm clients is a plus.\n\n* Basic experience with cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, AWS, Heroku, or Azure is a plus.\n\n* You have an appreciation for great user experience as much as for awesome tech architecture.\n\n* You are great at communicating with people, motivating everyone, and getting the whole team on the same page.\n\n* Fluency in English, German is a plus.\n\n* The most important one: willingness to learn. We are constantly learning new things and we enjoy it a lot. As we use many new technologies, we don't expect to find people experienced in all of them. If you are excited about our tech-stack and you think you are a fast learner, do not hesitate to apply even if you are not trained in something we described before!\n\n\n\n\nWhat we offer\n\n\n* A meaningful job. If helping a company sell shoes or deliver more food doesn’t satisfy you, we have something in common. Digitizing mental health services is not easy, but when it works it is incredibly meaningful. A carefully crafted balance between digital health startup (flat hierarchies, a self-dependent way of working, clear-cut communication, speed) and family-owned hospital group (bold decision making, medical depth, regulatory framework).\n\n* Remote work. And if you are fed up with working from home, we have open-space offices in Berlin Kreuzkölln and Munich Schwabing with lovely colleagues from different domains, backgrounds, and cultures. We only accept applications from candidates who reside or want to reside in Germany.\n\n\n