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Posted over 1 year ago

We are a growing, fully-remote medical imaging software development firm. We are passionate about solving challenging and meaningful software problems. We are looking for a frontend developer who can help us with a few projects.The first project is a green-field React frontend for an employee engagement survey (one of our only non-medical-imaging projects). After this, we will need help with several React-based medical image viewers as well as other internal projects.The salary for the position is $75k - $90k/year, depending on your ability and experience.You can see the full job posting here: To be a good fit for this job you must share our values believe in our mission can communicate clearly and professionally with coworkers and clients via Slack, email, and video chat in English are interested in medical imaging applications (the first project we would have you work on is not a medical imaging project, but most of our projects are) have 3+ years of experience with JavaScript have 1+ years of experience with React have 1+ years of experience with SASS are comfortable with the command line, and are familiar with Git are interested in learning new skills (e.g., Python, Django, and Bash) are willing to travel approximately twice/year for 2-4 days for company retreats and client meetings. Usually one of these trips will fall partly on a weekend live in the continental U.S.A (sorry, we can not accept applications from other countries) It would also be nice if you have experience using TypeScript have experience using webpack have experience with Python have some mathematical background (e.g., calculus and linear algebra) can start sometime in September.