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Posted about 1 year ago

Airofit A/S was founded in 2016 and since then it has developed a unique system consisting of a breathing device and mobile application, aimed at the personal respiratory training of lung muscles. Our roots are in Elite-Sports and Medico and we are one of the most promising new-coming manufacturing companies in Denmark. We have offices at SingularityU Nordic along with other exciting upcoming companies that want to make an impact.

The app we are developing here at Airofit allows the user to have a visual representation of their breathing, when working out with our device, while also recording their progress. The app collects data during training by connecting to the device via bluetooth. At the moment, we have launched our product on the Sports Market, targeting athletes who want to improve their performance in a smart and easy way.

# Responsibilities
You’ll be responsible (alongside the rest of the team) for delivering high quality code to our current mobile app, web apps, backend and to manage all of those in Azure.

# Requirements
* Experience working with Javascript/Typescript, NodeJS and a single page application framework (ReactJS, Angular, VueJs, etc.)
* Experience designing and implementing APIs.
* Knowledge of SQL and data structures.
* 5 or more years of experience working as a software developer

Further skills that would benefit a candidate:
* Experience using React-Native.
* Experience with Redux and Saga or other state management and side-effect libraries.
* Knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes and Azure or other dev ops tools.
* Experience with testing (unit and e2e)
* Experience with Continuous Integration
* Experience working with real time data and data visualisation.
* Any mobile development experience.


- 🇪🇺EU-only