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Posted about 1 year ago

About us

Conversio is a fully remote, 13-person team. We are a life- and family-first company that seeks meaningful experiences outside of work and we endeavour to help our customers do the same.

We build honest software to help small businesses achieve their goals profitably, cost-efficiently and ethically. We aspire to be kind and responsible to our environment and society, while being an inspiration for others.

We supercharge all customer interactions for online stores. We started with our receipt technology and have now processed transactions that exceed US$1B.

About you

We’re looking for a passionate Full Stack Developer to join our growing team.

You will be responsible for end-to-end web application development as we work on the next iterations of Conversio, which includes further enhancements to our receipt technology, but also our other marketing tools.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Product development
  • API design & development
  • Database and systems administration
  • Metrics / Growth / AB testing
  • 3rd-party integrations
  • Internal tools

Your qualifications

We expect you to be a generalist with the ability and confidence to work on any part of our stack. These are (some of) the tools that we work with every day:

  • Node.js & React
  • MongoDB, RabbitMq, Redis & Elasticsearch
  • Docker, Heroku & AWS
  • Git (Github)
  • Slack & Basecamp

We expect that

  • You have a passion for the eCommerce space and building products and solutions that drive incredible value for other businesses.
  • You enjoy working within a team without compromising your own initiative and intuition.
  • You take action and pay attention to detail.
  • You have superior communication skills.
  • You have a minimum professional experience with the tools above.
  • You are in (or willing to relocate to) +/- 1h from CET / EST timezones.

Why join us?

  • 100% Remote (we believe in trust and autonomy)
  • Team off-site / retreat every 7 months (we've been to Sicily, Cape Town, Mauritius, Tuscany, Tenerife and Zanzibar)
  • Our story and team
  • Salary is market-related and open for discussion / negotiation.
  • Unlimited and minimum holiday policy (yes - force you to take enough time off)
  • We are a life- and family-first company that seeks meaningful experiences outside of work and we endeavour to help our customers do the same.