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Posted 9 months ago

We are looking to build our digital team and are now seeking talented developers to deliver improvements to our internal platform. As a full stack developer, you will:\n\n* Maintain quality and ensure responsiveness of applications\n* Collaborate with a team of other developers,testers and designers\n* Maintain code integrity and organisation\n\nWe are seeking the following skills and experience:\n* Must have knowledge in all stages of software development\n* Knowledge and experience of Angular and Typescript is essential\n* Knowledge and experience of Cloud technologies e.g Google Cloud Platform or Firebase is an advantage\n* Experience of designing the overall architecture of web applications\n* Understanding and implementation of security and data protection\n* Experience with back-end programming languages, front-end frameworks and third party API's\n* Development experience for both mobile and desktop\n* Knowledge of code versioning tools\n\nHowever, having the above skills is only one part of being a Hoxby. First and foremost we are looking for individuals who share our vision. We are an award-winning community of around 1,000 exceptionally talented people united by technology and working remotely across 30 countries. We're looking for talented individuals seeking the flexible workstyle rewards of working freelance who are also passionate about changing the world of work for the better. \n\n#Location\n- 🌏Worldwide