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Posted 11 months ago

Pelcro leverages modern technologies and cloud infrastructures to build the most advanced platform to build the most advanced tools. Our platform handles more than 10 million requests a day, million of dollars worth of transactions and we expect this to 10x by next year. We are looking for a full stack developer capable of constantly learning to adapt to different tasks across our stack.

Pelcro's Technical Stack: 

  • Laravel 

  • ReactJS 

  • API's 

  • Memcached 

  • Cloud Stack on AWS 

  • AWS: S3 Cloud Storage 

  • AWS: Kenesis

Skills needed

  • Full stack development - capable of working front-end & back-end 

  • Solid object-oriented PHP experience 

  • Experience using Laravel and (preferably) JS (ReactJS) as well 

  • Strong REST API development experience 

  • Good Javascript & AJAX skills 

  • Ability to solve complex problems and juggle multiple projects 

  • Experience with cross-browser testing and performance optimization 

  • Sound knowledge of responsive coding techniques 

  • Experience using GIT

Benefits for this role 

  • Flexible working hours + a great team environment 

  • Remote working flexibility 

  • Compensation based on experience 

  • Flexible vacation