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Posted 9 months ago

## The short version\n\n**What:** Building beautiful, reliable and scalable products that helps automating payroll\n\n**How:** React, Go, Docker, Kubernetes, GraphQL, Google Cloud, PostgreSQL\n\n**Who**: Experienced and humble full-stack engineer\n\n**Where:** Remote (4 hour overlap with CET workday) 🌍\n\n## What is Pento? 🤔\n\nWe build beautiful payroll software that automates a company's manual workflows and we usually help companies cut 50-80% off the time they spend on payroll. That means no spreadsheets, no manual bank transfers, no e-mails, and no manual work. We've built an easy-to-use software product, that does all of this automatically.\n\nYou can see a quick video by our co-founder and CEO, Jonas, here:\n\n[](\n\n## The job description 💬\n\nWe’re looking for a seasoned full-stack engineer to build features across the entire stack and challenge our thinking on architecture.\n\n# Responsibilities\n Here’s a snapshot of what you could be working on:\n\n- Collaborating with our product manager, designer, co-engineers, and CTO on implementing new exiting features in our products\n- Digging deep into our systems to find bugs and fix them.\n- Designing architecture and collaborating with other engineers on how to build out our stack.\n- Doing in-depth and valuable code reviews.\n- Be part of a high-performing and inclusive team: inspiring team members, set priorities and own results.\n- Contributing to building a collaborative, productive and friendly remote workplace. \n\n# Requirements\n**Your background**\n\n- You've worked on front-and and back-end for at least 5 years.\n- You have experience building and iterating on full features. From database schema to CSS.\n- You have worked in small effective teams as the company grew fast\n\n**Extra credit**\n\n- You have experience implementing a large variety of integrations in a scalable and reliable way.\n- You have extensive experience with DevOps and containers.\n- You have production experience with Go, React and/or GraphQL.\n- You have experience working in highly effective remote teams.\n\n**Your personality**\n\n- You have a problem-solver attitude. No problem is too big or too hard.\n- You like working independently, but you also know when to involve your teammates and ask for help.\n- You are hungry to learn. You know you don't know it all, and do what you can to help yourself and your teammates be better every day.\n- You work well with lots of questions and few answers. We're a startup trying to do something no one else has done before, which means we're dealing with a lot of questions and what-ifs. \n\n#Salary\n40000-70000\n \n\n#Location\n- CET +-4