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Posted 27 days ago

\nIs freelancing your modus operandi? We have a great project for a Full-Stack Developer (PHP/JavaScript). \n\nCompany overview:\n\nOur client is a French start-up company built-in 2014 by two engineers who were schoolmates before becoming business partners. Their business plan is simple and ambitious: create a range of t-shirts that can help people learn how to stand up straight, in order to relieve and prevent back pain.\n\nProject requirements: \n\nOur client needs a freelance Full-Stack Developer (PHP/JavaScript) for optimisation and evolutive maintenance project. The working schedule is flexible, with a part-time job (2-3 days/week) requiring the freelance developer’s intervention on the company’s e-commerce website. Fluent in English is required. \n\nAmong your responsibilities: \n\n\n* HTML/CSS integration on the WordPress CMS, based on mock-ups from the design team;\n\n* CSS classes refactoring to ensure SEO optimisation of the website;\n\n* Installation and implementation of different modules;\n\n* Back-office customisation & custom plugin development;\n\n* Implementation of graphic animations.\n\n\n\n\nFreelance profile required: \n\n\n* A Full-Stack developer (PHP/JavaScript) with at least 5 completed projects as an Integrator/Front-End Developer;\n\n* WordPress expert knowledge;\n\n* Experience in HTML/CSS, JavaScript;\n\n* Back-End knowledge: PHP5, Git;\n\n* Experience with animation: Scrolling animation, SVG, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, Canvas;\n\n* A technical, yet creative person, passionate about innovation (Ergonomics, Animations).\n\n\n