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Posted 10 months ago

\nAt Sulvo we are working on unique solutions and challenging problems all around publisher technology. Is it too bold to say we are reinventing the broken web? We don't think so. At Sulvo, we are looking for more top talent to help us change how the internet does business. \n\nThere is work, and then there is work that you were born to do. The kind of work that defines who you are and that you can be proud of. The kind of work you’d sacrifice a night or a weekend for. That is the kind of work we do at Sulvo. People don’t come here for safety, they come for the journey. They want to create something big and meaningful that reaches hundreds of millions of people.\n\nWe are looking for exceptional mid-level JavaScript Developers for our Product & Innovation team to join in our accelerated growth.\n\nWhat’s needed from you: \n\n\n* Expert knowledge of JavaScript working with a reputable company\n\n* 100% Self-starter mentality  \n\n* Willingness to put in the work and be part of an elite hard-working team\n\n\n\n\nWhat is the platform built with?\n\nThe Platform is built with node.js, meteor.js, vue.js and MongoDB, the more you can tick off from this list the better. You will be working with the most current frameworks available.\n\nIf hired then you will be working directly with an innovative team that consists of full-stack, front-end, and backend developers with outstanding programming and problem-solving skills, so you will be picking up new skills in no time. \n\nThe ideal candidate:\n\n- Is flexible and a true self-starter, doesn't take anything for granted and a boss is not necessarily needed to get the job done while being precise and getting the work done right.\n\n- Has a proven track record of delivering high-quality work and showing a high level of responsibility for all tasks.\n\n- If asked, capable of providing references from past co-workers and managers.