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Posted 21 days ago

\nScalable Path is looking for a Full Stack Developer to join the team and work on a client's mobile & web app. This is a remote, full-time position.\n\n\nCLIENT COMPANY DESCRIPTION:\n\nThe client develops engaging fantasy pool contests for a variety of events, including shows such as "The Bachelor", "Survivor", and major sports like football and college basketball.\n\n\nDUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:\n\nYou will be building an application that is deployed in the browser as well as mobile. The browser app is a white label app for businesses to interact with their customers. The mobile app is a customer-facing app. The two apps will share a codebase. You will be responsible for creating this codebase as well as setting up hosting for the database and app.\n\n\nRELATIONSHIPS - WHO YOU'LL BE WORKING WITH:\n\nYou will be working with a senior member of the company. The client is in the America/New York (-04:00) EDT time zone.\n\n\nREQUIRED SKILLS:\n\n- Strong English\n\n- JavaScript / Node\n\n- React\n\n- PostgreSQL\n\n- GraphQL\n\n- Web sockets/GraphQL subscriptions\n\n- Auth/Cognito/Firebase auth\n\n- React Native\n\n\nDESIRED (NICE-TO-HAVE) SKILLS:\n\n- Docker\n\n- Hasura\n\n- AWS hosting\n\n- Expo\n\n- Electron\n\n- React Native for Web\n\n\nSTART DATE:\n\nAs soon as possible.\n\n\nEXPECTED CONTRACT DURATION:\n\nApproximately 6 monthsyagJzhkdapAsCMnUw7CpJAMi