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Posted 8 months ago

**About Moveli**\n\nMoveli is reinventing real estate agency in the UK. We’re a marketing and technology platform that allows great real estate agents to run their own business under our brand, while providing a way better service than traditional high street real estate agencies.\n\n**What we’re looking for**\n\nWe’re looking for a full-time, remote working full-stack developer to lead the development of our tech platform in cooperation with our founding team.\n\n\n**The team**\n\nThe team is made up of our two London-based founders who do the front-end design, UX, QA and project management stuff, and our lead developer.\n\nYou will be replacing our current lead developer as he’s recently moved to Australia, and we’ve all agreed that the time zone difference is a bit too much. He'll still be available for hand over and ongoing help and support should it be needed.\n\n\n**How we work**\n\nYou will have the freedom to choose what technologies we use going forward, so there’s plenty of room for you to make the project your own.\n\nCurrently we use Trello to manage tasks, Zeplin to communicate our designs and Bitbucket to store code. We have fully operational staging and production environments set up on Digital Ocean.\n\nWe run a MERN stack: React front-end, Node/Express back-end and MongoDB. There’s a small amount of legacy php in there too, which needs to be switched over to Node.\n\nNew releases are regularly pushed live, at least fortnightly, and we maintain a backlog of development tasks and work as a team to plan and prioritise these as part of our agile development process.\n\nTo begin with you’ll be the only developer, which enables us to work really closely and get stuff done with remarkable speed, although we plan to add to the engineering team next year as and when required.\n\n\n**Requirements**\n\nWe need a competent full stack developer who has experience with React, Node, Express, MongoDB and HTML/CSS.\n\nYou’ll also need to be based within +/- 3 hours of UK local time, ideally in the UK or Europe.\n\nIdeally we’re looking for a full-time contractor to do 8 hours a day 5 days a week but can be flexible on this if you need time to finish another project or take days / weeks off.\n\n\n**Pay: £150 per day, equivalent to $50,000 p.a.**\n \n\n#Salary\n$50,000\n \n\n#Location\n- 🇪🇺EU-only