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Posted over 1 year ago

The No-Bullshit-iest Way We Can Describe This Job In The Least Amount Of Words In A Run-On Sentence: We build a lot of different kinds of stuff for a lot of different kinds of folks ( at a shop that is big enough to bite off important, meaningful work and small enough to have fun doing it and we’re looking for an engineer who is equally at ease talking to clients, designers, producers, and developers about things like scope, resource allocation, solutions to engineering problems, creative ideas for how to build things, ways to articulate technical complexity to normal business humans...and occasionally...cut some code.Here’s What We Think You Probably Need to Be Successful At This Job: * Experience in architecting and building bespoke custom WordPress themes using Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms, Yoast with custom integrations to third party systems.* You do so much Wordpress that you have strongly-held opinions about its future, its architecture, and the "right ways" to build with WP.  We keep our stack lean and don't go plugin-heavy.* You have strong opinions on, and respect for, the design process.* We mostly do a lot of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript -- we keep it lean and get the job done.* Have agency experience, working across multiple projects and clients.* Are comfortable delivering projects using current web standards based on project specifications, collaborating with project management and design colleagues* Experienced in code reviews to adhere to best practices and internal standards, providing feedback and following up on remediation* You have an ear to the ground for new tech, whether it comes from hacker news or a programming subreddit, and a desire to dive in and try it out.* Experience in client and server-side debugging, performance profiling and optimization techniques with an uncanny intuition for finding the cause and solution* Experience with integration of analytics, a/b testing, and advertising platforms using Google Tag Manager* Comfortable working with small projects (1 dev) and medium projects (2-3 devs)* Comfortable in architecting and implementation of APIs in PHP/Laravel, NodeJS/Express and other similar stacks.* Attention to detail and a seamless user experience.  This means making the product look like the design and working with your team to make it smooth and perfect.* jQuery is "nice to have" but NOT necessary in your arsenal.  You respect the finer points of the browser rendering pipeline and know when to 3D transform (and when NOT to).  Oh, and calls to GetComputedStyle make you shudder, especially when jQuery is obfuscating them.* You know your way around configuring a local development environment with help from the Interwebz, of course.* You have a willingness to express yourself through animated gifs and obscure movie quotes from the youtubes.* You work well at the 11th hour, but even better at the first and second so we can be out by happy hour.* You're down with remote work. We've got offices in NY / LA but we encourage working from home, from coffee shops, from wherever you feel most comfortable. We've got tools in place to keep communication going online and we love that we can all be in different parts of the country and work together.* We constantly improve only because we don't bullshit each other or our clients. We don't hide; we don't say what we think others want to hear. We do our work with respect, and we value truth, transparency, and honesty above all else.Nice to Have:* You have real-world experience with Nuxt, React, or Vue.* You know what DevOps is but aren't necessarily a zealot for any one process, technology, or denomination.* Experienced in concepting high-level architectures and codifying them in visual and written documentation* Experienced with CI / CD build automation tools such as DeployBot, Jenkins, and Travis CI* Jumping in to assist developers who are in need of aid in implementation and/or troubleshooting of backend or frontend development goals* Aiding and/or leading bug triage in coordination with Project Manager throughout project and during QATo Apply: If you are interested, please apply with a resume and introduction. Please feel free to skip the formality of a cover letter and write to me as a human being.  If you need to use a four letter word to effectively express a previous engagement or an appropriately inappropriate metaphor to describe your ideal work environment, I’ll take that over what you would think I typically “need to hear” in a job application. Be yourself. The truth is the easiest thing to remember and I don’t have time to weed through cover-letter-speak to find out who you really are and what you want in life. Just tell me.See more jobs at Sanborn