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Posted 10 months ago

We're hiring! If you are a motivated, multi-talented software engineer who loves to learn and loves a good challenge - this could be a great fit for you.

It is an exciting time to come on board as we are building a brand new platform using cutting-edge cloud technologies to support our customers' need for top of the line equipment maintenance solutions. That's where you come in; we need an innovative and energetic engineer to join our team and help us execute some big visions. This opportunity can have high growth potential, so be ready to make an immediate and meaningful impact.

Our Stack

  • React webapp
  • Serverless GraphQL API built on JavaScript/TypeScript and Python lambdas
  • DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, and S3 datastores

Problems we're solving

  • Secure, automated equipment management
  • Web/API integrations of all kinds
  • Using technology to keep service customers and providers in sync across the service lifecycle
  • Computerized image recognition and parsing
  • Building a first-class user experience

What you will do

  • Work with top technologies as a part of a team to build high quality features and functionality
  • Do your best work – build software that customers love
  • Try new things with the support of strong mentorship
  • Work hard, play, and learn


  • Drive for excellence
  • Committed to doing the right thing
  • Positive attitude
  • Team-oriented but with an ownership mentality
  • 2+ years experience in software engineering
  • Experience with modern frontend frameworks such as React
  • Experience building APIs or microservices as part of a cloud-native web application (experience in serverless and AWS is a big plus)
  • Experience with database development (distributed database experience strongly preferred)
  • Strong automated testing skills
  • Knowledge of security best practices
  • Experience with Git