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Posted almost 2 years ago

Unhaggle is currently the #1 web portal in Canada for new car buying. The data we provide powers our own tools and products, including our flagship consumer car buying service at and leading automotive portals including Yahoo Autos, MSN Autos, Autofocus, AutoGuide, Globe Drive, and others. We have also recently partnered with auto makers to launch a large eCommerce platform allowing the complete purchase of new cars online.We are looking for a Full Stack Engineer with experience in Python and web application development. This is a full-time remote position, we accept applications from anywhere in the world.We use GitHub to manage tasks and code reviews as well as tools/services like Travis-CI, Docker, New Relic, Sentry, Browserstack, Stripe, Twilio and Redis. Our dev team is regularly connected in Slack for communication. We are constantly seeking the best tools available for our development team.You will be primarily involved in the following projects/areas:* Our new eCommerce platform for new car buying, serving major car brands* Our web portal* Several enterprise SaaS products* REST APIs, for integration with different partners * An internal and innovative SaaS web application we built for industry clients* Widgets we built for third-party integration, they run in some of the most popular auto websites in Canada.* Maintenance of our test suite and code base* Implementation of new features* We take quality seriously and you should expect to be involved in well written code bases following standards such as PEP-8 and good software engineering practices.Requirements:* Strong hands on experience with Python, experience with Django is important, but we might still be willing to consider candidates with strong Python skills and none or little knowledge with Django.* Strong web development experience: we expect that you know XHTML, CSS and Javascript well. Hands on experience with Javascript frameworks is a big plus* Track record of delivering completed projects, preferably web-based* Good SQL knowledge and databases, PostgreSQL is a plus* You should be very familiar with Linux* Experience using version control software, Git is a plus* Understanding of code best practices and standards. We also expect that you follow PEP-8 style guide and use tools like Pyflakes and Pylint very often* Experience writing Python test cases is a plus. Prior experience with TDD and/or Selenium is a plus.* Easy-going personality. You will actively participate in design discussions and code review* This position might grow into a technical lead position. Experience leading development teams is a plusWe are helping consumers to get the best price on new cars in Canada and changing the industry along the way. Working at Unhaggle brings unique challenges, you will have the opportunity to leave a large footprint and have real impact in the product we ship every day to our customers.No relocation available, we are a distributed team.