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Posted 8 months ago

\nSemanticBits is looking for a Full Stack PHP/Drupal Developer to help us build modern digital health services. The project involves building and customizing a highly interactive and modern web site and API (i.e. both front- and back-end) with Drupal/DKAN that will be used by researchers, health care providers, medical patients, and general public across the country. The system will host a large number of massive data sets and will provide means to interact with and analyze the data by highly interactive visual components and by REST API. The system will support upwards of hundreds of concurrent users. The project will be implemented using an Agile, Scrum-based process that includes Sprint Planning/Review/Retrospectives and daily stand-ups. The team uses human-centered design approaches led by a talented Visual Designer to implement highly modern, usable interfaces.\n\nResponsibilities:\n\n\n* Experience with PHP and Drupal is required\n\n* Experience developing front-end web user interfaces with JavaScript, React.js or similar framework is required\n\n* Experience with DKAN is desired\n\n* Experience with traditional RDBMS databases, such as MySQL/PostgreSQL, is required\n\n* Experience with developing RESTful services is highly desired\n\n* Experience with AWS highly preferred\n\n* Experience with Test-Driven Development using automated testing frameworks, such as PHPUnit, Codeception\n\n* Experience with DevOps, including Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Continuous Deployment with CloudFormation/Terraform a plus\n\n* Expertise working as part of a dynamic, interactive Agile team developing and delivering digital services\n\n* Ability to work with and coordinate with other developers using digital tools such as Slack and HipChat\n\n* Experience with version control tools, such as Git\n\n* Experience working in Linux\n\n* Excellent command of written and spoken English\n\n\n