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Posted 8 months ago

Join Better. A small, fully remote team of passionate developers and designers that are changing the world through code. We partner with some exciting startups that are redefining healthcare, education and more.

You can learn more about our agency and projects on our website:

This is an application for a contract, remote developer role. The minimum hours required is 32 hours per week. However, we can offer up to 40 hours per week. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is looking for a flexible job with a lot of freedom.

All work is asynchronous, work whenever, however you want.

Desired Skills

Ruby on Rails
  • Should be able to confidently deploy new features within existing codebases
  • Editing / refactoring ERB templates / views
  • Testing with MiniTest  + Capybara 
  • Model/controller refactoring and changes 
  • Building and maintaining API controllers and endpoints in Rails
  • Interacting with common libraries and vendors, Stripe, Sendgrid, Etc. 
  • Ability to debug performance issues and production errors

  • Solid Vanilla JS skills required for basic interaction on top of rails templates. 
  • Some Vue.js 
  • Some React Native Work. We have a dedicated React Native developer but sometimes he needs help on simpler tickets. 

Some "eCommerce" Development
  • We do some custom Shopify eCommerce work, this is mostly HTML / CSS / JavaScript. 
  • We've also done a couple of Solidus Projects. 

Basic DevOps
  • Knowledge of Heroku deployment practices
  • Understanding of Continuous Integration and automated deployment/testing. 
  • Understanding of Exception Handling and error reporting systems 

Comfort with Git
  • Dealing with issues 
  • Submitting PR's 
  • Pulling / Merging with master

  • Confidently be able to translate a static mockup into code
  • Working knowledge of bootstrap or other CSS frameworks 
  • Working within design systems and reusable component design

Basic User Experience and Visual Design
  • Working knowledge of a grid system and responsive design
  • Competency and interest in design thinking and user-driven design

This listing was authored by John Salzarulo — Founder and Lead Developer of Better.