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Posted 4 months ago

This is an opportunity to join an exciting new business focussed on the future of remote working. Boundless is building a technology platform that will allow companies to easily handle payroll and HR compliance for workers anywhere in the world.

This role will be our second developer hire working alongside the technical co-founder and will be key to delivering a quality product to our customers and partners. You’ll have an opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the product and will be working on a team where continuous improvement is part of our DNA. The right person for this role will have an appetite to work in a fast-paced startup environment and will recognise this as an opportunity to gain a breadth of experience. 

This is a remote-friendly role for candidates based in any country in the EU.

We're not looking for help from Dev Houses or Recruiters in filling this role. 

Product Vision
It’s early days and the evolution of our technology is underway. Right now we’re focussed on gathering information on how to solve our early customers’ problems and the stack is relatively simple: Rails 6 & Postgres on AWS. The challenges around building our software offering will become increasingly complex the more we learn and grow. Problems to solve in the short & medium term include:

  • Continuous development of our web platform to serve customers, employees and partners as we prepare to launch in new countries.
  • Working with designer and CPO to build a top class user experience, focusing on onboarding and monthly payroll cycles.
  • Improvement of DevOps, CI and workflows as our engineering team and software grow
  • Boilerplate architecture that will allow us to serve differing country requirements in a homogenous way.
  • Building internal tooling to allow Boundless Payroll and HR staff to serve our customers efficiently.
  • Ensuring activity related to payroll runs and changes is traceable for troubleshooting and security of customers data. 
  • Integration of our base services with third party services in the Payroll Sector.
  • Data security and compliance with data regulations.
  • Accurate and timely processing of large sums of money.

  • Working with the wider Boundless team in defining features. 
  • Implementing features in our web application using existing stack and new technologies as required.
  • Choosing said technologies as needs arise. 
  • Solving architectural challenges.
  • Using third party APIs to achieve desired functionality within our systems.
  • Delivering quality code that adheres to best practices; participating in code review.
  • Advocating for implementation of best practices within the team and the technology.
  • Contributing across the entire tech stack including the areas of DevOps, Infrastructure, Security, QA & Data Protection.
  • Documentation of processes and code.
  • Solving customer issues.
  • All members of staff will be involved with customer support in some capacity.

Career Trajectory
  • Opportunity to become a leader within the software team and to manage and nurture newer team members as we grow.
  • Opportunity to be a key decision maker in the future of technology at Boundless.
  • Gain a breadth of experience as an early hire on the engineering team.
  • Potential to specialise in an area of interest as the team grows, e.g. security, DevOps, frontend technologies.

What we are looking for: 
  • 5+ years experience building production grade web applications in Ruby on Rails.
  • Object Oriented Programming skills and experience implementing non-Rails design patterns.
  • Some flavour of SQL experience.
  • Front end knowledge.
  • Curious about new technologies but pragmatic about getting things done.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • A commitment to customer service.
  • Comfortable operating in an environment with a relatively high degree of uncertainty.
  • Wants to be involved in defining features.
  • A growth mindset, and an insatiable appetite for learning.
  • Has worked on a distributed team previously

Skills Focus
While this job posting is for a Full Stack Developer, over the course of the next number of hires there will be particular skills we will need to fulfil. If you have specific experience in any of the following, please let us know:
  • AWS Infrastructure or similar
  • Frontend (Frameworks or front end focus within Server Side Rendered application)
  • DevOps
  • Building APIs
  • Cloud Distributed Systems