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Posted over 1 year ago

Hi there. It's Marc from [WIP](, [BetaList](, and [Startup Jobs]( I'm looking to contract a remote, part-time Full-stack Rails developer.

Starting out with $2,000/mo budget – number of hours up to you.

Right now, I do all product development myself (both design and tech), but there's only so many hours in a day. To speed up product development, I am now looking to work with a Ruby on Rails developer.

**What you'll get out of it**

You'll be working directly with me. You get to regularly ship code that will be used by thousands of makers. You will learn what it's like to iterate really quick. What it takes to build a bootstrapped business. How to be an pragmatic maker focusing on the right 20% of work, that delivers 80% of the results. You get to work on a bunch of different products within the full stack. There might be an opportunity down the road to take the lead on a specific product, if that's what you want.


This is a freelancing gig. You will send me a monthly invoice for your billable hours x your hourly rate.

My initial budget is $2,000/mo. If things work out, this will increase over time and so would the number of working hours. Assuming you're up for it.

# Responsibilities
You'll be working alongside me on WIP, BetaList, and/or Startup Jobs. We'll probably start out with just one, but over time you might work on multiple products. The tech stacks for these are very similar. (more on that below)

You'll be building new features, refactoring existing code, fixing bugs, optimizing performance, and adding test coverage. Most importantly, you will ship early and often. I like to work in very short iterations, with most code hitting production within hours or days of writing it. Whenever possible, big changes get broken up in smaller ones so there's never that fear of shipping something big and hoping for the best.

Depending on your skill set you'll also be touching some front-end code and server config.

While I haven't adopted the TDD lifestyle yet, I have started to add more test coverage to my projects. Especially for code that is mission critical (e.g. signups), or hard to test manually (e.g. many different scenarios).


I like to keep my schedule as free as possible. Therefore, don't expect many meetings/calls. Most communication will happen asynchronously through Telegram chat.

I expect you to be able to work independently and move fast.

# Requirements
You should have extensive experience building production Rails apps. You should also have experience working by yourself, communicate clearly, and willing to take initiative. I will take a hands-off approach and trust you to do the work and reach out to me when necessary.

When applying, you need to be able to share relevant source code for me to review. If you cannot share this, please do not apply. If you need me to sign an NDA first, send me a message.


* Front-end skills (HTML, CSS, JS)

* DevOps skills

* An eye for design

**Tech Stack**

* Ruby on Rails 5+

* Puma

* Heroku / Linode

* Devise / OmniAuth

* HAML (but considering switching to SLIM for performance)

- Worldwide